Friday, February 20, 2009

Amir the Broccoli

When Bananazxc msged, i was hoping that he'd pop out at Campus Haven. But in the end, he didnt and he told me that he did soon after we walked off. *frown* Then me, Id & Lutfi walked to the hospital to meet Din Butt.

We waited for Din at the entrance, called Amir up and asked which ward he was in. We bought crunchy apples for him and when we reached, there he was smiling like a broccoli. So layu. Azraaay who called him a vegetable already told him i was coming! Hmph, tak boleh keep secret ah.

We talked, and talked and talked. The boys disturbed/poked his shoulder. Hahah. It was disturbing when he told us what they did to his shoulder with 2 screws in it. :/ Then soon his mum came and he was all super manja. Hahah. We went down for awhile to take a walk while the three boys smoked. Talked more, laughed more. He's still him. The stare, the smile, the "Why so serious?" Lol. It was nice, really. He pulled my bag and said, "Go 7eleven ah i want sweet." And when we reached, he changed his mind and wanted ice cream instead. *faints*

We went back up and ate our ice creams. And he said, "Takpe la, org sakit kan slalu grumpy." and he went on and on kicking my butt(cause i was sitting right beside his leg) when i was busily msging and eating. We went home at 230ish cause the boys had to go jamming at 4pm. He told me to stay but then told me to go home instead.

I dont know when im gonna see you again but hang out soon after you've fully recover alright? It was really really nice having to see you again after so long. Get well soon!
Smacked and you grabbed, i miss that grab. That smile, will brighten up the rest of my day for sure. I know you're still there for me even though how hard it was the previous time. Share stories, all that. Those times. You know im always here, i'll forever be. Imy, schoolboy.

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