Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I just got home from meeting the gang. Met Janny darling first then went to eat and then met the rest. Pictures, pictures, pictures, and i got back home with Khir.

Omgzxc. I am extremely tired from all the walking. I dont know what to say anymore. It felt like some horrible tracking. Like we were in some camp. And the hill, it was like labrador! Seriously. But we took, awesome awesome pictures. I know someone is jealous.


Esplanade, Vivo, Henderson Waves (the never ending walk), Esplanade, back home. Thanks for the day Janny, Dilah, Zaid, Zack, Khir, Latiff & Hakim.
You, i boleh gadoh sey ngan you mcm gini. Give in la! I wanna win!

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