Thursday, February 19, 2009


I finished at 12nn and was supposed to go back chaichee with Nurul Ariffin. BUT, when i called him a couple of times then he replied that today he cant make it. Fag.

So i decided to go back home. When i reached afghan, Id called. And he decided to accompany me to school since he wants to waste time while waiting for his girlfriend. So yah, i took 291 to int and met him there.

We talked helluvalot in the bus and when we reached, we went to talk to cik su first and she gave us free pau. :D Went up, took my cert and waited for the ppl to finish school. They didnt know that we were there till i msged Hafsy at near 2pm. All of them went down and most gave us the shocked face and, "SAAAAAB! IDDDDD!" all over. Thaqif gave me the look (HAHAH), JW shook me like wanting money back from vending machine and Maula touched my hair and said, "Smooth siaaaaaaa." HAHAHAH.

God, i miss them.

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