Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back To Chai Chee

My morning was bad, i hated it. I didnt have the mood. Had peq test, and while doing it my eyes got itchy. I thought it was nothing so i went to rub it slowly, as always. Then my eyes got watery, and my lenses came off. And guess what, its torn. =.=

Went back to Chai Chee Secondary School in the afternoon. Met Epin/Bai at Tanah Merah and then waited for Izyan at the school gate. Took our testimonial, talked to teachers. (OH I FINALLY GOT TO SEE MRS PEREIRA!) Hahah. I truly miss her English lesson. I still dont see Mdm Goh anywhere though.

Anyhoos, went to the canteen after that and ate as i was super hungry. Chilled till the peeps finish school and my dear JW pushed me instead of shaking me like a vending machine. Hahah. Epin was being another brat who cant see me play the psp so he kept pushing and wanting to press the buttons. Hmph.

Ari &Nash came soon later. Khai came abit later too. We went off at near 530pm. Took 10 and i went off with Izyan chilling under her void deck for a while then off home.

I miss that school, the people, everything during those days. (:

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