Sunday, March 29, 2009


Had coffeebean's breakfast set then we went to the cinema. Watched Confessions Of A Shopaholic and i must say that its a must to watch! Mainly for girls la. It was as if we were the only ones in the cinema. Only the four of us laughed and couldnt stop laughing cause she reminded us of sister. Haha. We, okay not exactly we. They went to shop straight after movie at the bazaar for second hand things. Lol.

Went for ice skating later when abg came AND i still couldnt skate till after 2 hours. *faints* Ok to be exact, i can but i cant go on my I fell first and slowly all of them did too. Haha. Falling the third time made my butt feel numb. Seriously.

Okay here you go. I wont say anything much. I think the birthday girl enjoyed her day. Haha.

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