Sunday, March 08, 2009


Picture: @ T3 after early dinner at Popeye with half of the gang. I was trying to remove my eyeliner cause i thought that it didnt look good and she went infront of me doing that and i had to pose for the camera with wet hands and it turned out like that. HAH.

Well, im pretty bored right now. Was planning to go out for movies or maybe slack around(?) but changed my mind. Goodness, just feel the heat! Frigglin' hot, and i think i prefer to stay in my room for air-con all day. I am really hoping that it'll rain tomorrow during PE. I usually love PE but i dont know why i dont this year.

Im watching Slumdog Millionaire online. Its good, really. I didnt know why i laughed when the boy jumped into the shit just to see Amitabh Bachchan. Hah.

Im having sudden cravings too -.- Okay, okay i know that i sound like some pregnant woman but i really feel like eating b&j's ice cream, honey milk tea, nasi goreng pattaya, soya bean and lasagne.

  • Happy 18th, Ardillah RW.
  • I was hoping to be the first to msg you at 12am yknow! So, did i? Haha. Im hoping that you're enjoying your day and spending the time of your life. May god bless you in everything you do, La. See you in school tomorrow Lala! :B

  • Happy 19th, Natasha Tan.
  • My dear primary schoolmate. You can hardly even recognise me when we saw each other the other time. But you did tell me to just scream your name out the next time i see you. (: Anw, may you be blessed always too, Nat.

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