Monday, March 02, 2009


EVT & PO1 was such a bore. Everyone looked half dead and some didnt bother to pay attention. I was bored that i counted how many times Mr Han said ok. HAHAH. Aini took a picture of how many strokes there were within 15mins. In total, he said ok for nearly 100 times!

Coincidentally during half hr break, saw Lutfi and Izhar. Lutfi pulled me and showed the nursing boy he thought was Bilzxc. Lol. He got the wrong person. Izhar? He still calls me Peter Crouch. Its been 3 years man. Hahhah. I miss him sing!
  1. Yes Nuraini, whats with Nabil? Forget it. Let him be. He's not worth my time.
  2. ZURAIDI DingDongzxc, kau ponteng eh kdfgertasdfghk. Mostly monday je tak dtg.
Im having PEQ practical only tomorrow.
Its raining, and im effing hungry. Bye!


& happy 18th, Maulaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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