Saturday, March 28, 2009

Md Nabil Althaf

Im talking to the brown cow who called me a pink pig -.- Bored and have no idea on what to talk about seriously. Im sneezing like a mad woman, and he said that i am a mad woman. Whadda?

Okay Mr Silly, dont brag about when we're gonna meet. There's still school but i bet i wont see you anymore till you finish your attachment right? So, i dont know. We shall see lah okay?
When im bored, you know i'll be a little crazy.

you nvr miss me ah?

silly billey! says:
u shld post abt tis inside ur blog

Haha. So there you go.
My third post today.
Well anyways, ice skating tmr with cousins! So i shall sleep early and wake up fresh tmr with a better face. Whatever that means.

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