Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Slacked at Paradise. With Ari, Nash& Tauhid (all three above) plus Id and Mole who came later. One by one started to solve the Rubics Cube that i borrowed from DingDongzxc. Ari just had to break it. Not once, but a few times. Hahah. Played Heart Attack & Police and The Murderer which made me laugh so hard till i banged onto Ari with Tauhid who kept saying, "Eh takot ah, aku takot siaaaaaa." And when i say heart attack(!), the others got super kanchiong, including me. Hahah. Just imagine that! Had a great great time with them though. Tauhid went off first, then Nash. At 7ish, i went home cause my tummy was really aching. :D Well, they made my day.
// Hana's being such a sweet shit. Thank you for saying all those things. For believing that there's still something that lies in our hearts. Though the boys made my day, you're making me smile all night now. Haha. Maybe, just maybe everything will happen slowly. (:

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