Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Went out earlier to pay Ayah's bills. After that, called the boy and he was still at home. So, since i have plenty of time on my own and i was in the shopping mood, i walked around TM & CS but in the end, i didnt get anything (kept my eyes on things though). Headed to Coffeebean for Caramel Ice Blend & Boston Brownie. (after and hr) The boy came, ate abit of my brownie, drank a lil' and we headed for movies.

Actually we planned to watch My Bloody Valentine (as he promised to watch it only with me) but in the end didnt. Instead, we watched The Unborn. Its seriously disgusting but a good movie. One real shocking part when the boy himself got shocked. HAHA. Funny shit! And throughout the movie, he was trying to make me freak out but only succeeded once. Heh.

After movie, i told the boy i felt like shopping....
HIM: Ah wrong person eh.
ME: Hahah. I know, but i still can pull you to wherever i want.
HIM: Ah malaaaaaaaaaaaaaas.

... then we went to slack at some void deck waiting for Mole, Nabilah &Khai. Went for cake hunting when they reached and later, Dick met us. After the 1/2hr of printing a picture, we ordered the cake at Prima Deli and split with Mole &Nabilah. Got Macs for myself (and the boys too -.-) and went to meet Nash at his area. It was already near to 7pm and i was effing hungry even after eating a double cheeseburger. *frowns* Went off at 830pm looking so shagged. Hah.

Boy, thanks for the day. Our plan since 2 weeks ago worked!

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