Saturday, March 14, 2009

Raw & Untouched

Just to make it short, the gig was okay. I had fun going for jamming with Ari &the boys. Though it was boring at start for my day, i enjoyed myself after a few performance. Went for pool, ljs for dinner and we passed by a crowd who was watching the match between Man Utd & Liverpool. By then, i was already arguing with him about it. Thank god Bai's with me in this! He went shouting telling everyone that Man Utd lost. HAHA.

Gig ended at 1030pm with WHMS as the last performer. Split with the boys as they were going to ton taking 12 to Pasir Ris. Took train home, looking awfully miserable. Lol.

Got home, smelling smoke like as if i just got back from some bbq =.=

Last but not least, LIVERPOOL WON(!!)
And i shall say no more.

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