Monday, April 27, 2009


For the whole of this week:
  • School as normal.
  • Got a green/white shoe for 60bucks ):
  • Assignments are up and im having 3 in a shot -.-
  • BL meeting for 2 hours and the girls waited for me.
  • Had telematch for the april intakes. Sadly, we lost, yet again but we still had fun.
  • Movied - Watched Jangan Tegur with Tirna and Izyan.
  • Went to hunt for our punjabi(?) at Serangoon with aunts &parents.
  • Tried Sup Lidah and its surprisingly nice. Im serious.
  • Went to the gig to support WHMS with Jean. The boys went all noisy saying that we're late -.- Surprisingly, saw Amir there too.
So, pictures are up on multiply for the gig. Telematch pictures will be up as soon as i get them from the girls.
I shall get some sleep. Till next time!

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