Thursday, April 09, 2009


He told me he was gonna be in school for make up lesson but no, he was with us bl(s) the whole time. Ya, you surprised me alright. Hmph. Thanks eh for the sitting and asking question part which was so weird, the pull of my hand when i wanted to go to the other side for the game, the long stare that made me feel so uncomfortable cause i dont like people to stare at me for so long for i dont know what reason you did and i shut up, didnt say the cheer and looked at you too. Which then made me wanna smile/laugh so bad that i couldnt. Sigh, whyyyyyyy are you so not nice and disturb Rachel like that? She looked like she wanted to cry but it did entertain us all uh i guess. Heh. Okay Md Nabil Althaf, you are one incredibly not really good but still hilarious dude. Ok dah eh you takmo complain, this is good enough. Hahah.

Okay anyways, i met Izyan and Bai after bl. Got Khai his double cheeseburger, went to see the dress he said was nice then split up cause he went back to work. Oh and i finally saw dear Fatin Afiqah after so long. Hahahah. I went to withdraw cash and the three of us then went to eat our early dinner at Food Culture. It was one helluva time when we talked and talked and i got super talkative till i couldnt finish my food. Hahah. Hyper indeed eh? We went off for Tampines 1 to search for a shoe for myself. It was jam packed that we went taking the stairs instead of the escalator. Lol. And the stairway reminded me of hotel626. HAHAH. Okay crap. We went off for home after that.

Now, i am really extremely tired. My legs hurt and i have a headache. Oh! I tried the bl tee and its effing big and i really look like some freak. Sigh.

I keep saying this the whole of today: My god. I need a boyf.

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