Monday, June 08, 2009


Went to the clinic to get the injection at noon. It took the doctor so long to get that needle out that he kept ticking(?) so that the water inside would finish. Sigh. Oh after that, i went to meet the boy. That toot got a new phone yesterday and made me jealous and kept showing me his phone cause there was this cool thing there. And he kept saying that its 8megapixel. And he also said that he should get the htc to make me jealous more. Like -.- kan?

*breathes in and out*

Sold his old phone, bought a screen protector and phone cover and had our late lunch at Seoul Garden. We got ourselves full with three plates full mixed of teriyaki, black pepper, curry, garlic and spicy chicken. Oh and also another plate full with hotdogs, fishball and all that sort. Yes, we made a deal on just cooking and share and just put whatever you want at each others plate. And heck, i got alot of jelly jelly meat babats :/ We started at 130 and ended at 3pm with a super full bloated tummy till the boy can actually get a bowl of ice cream but couldnt finish. Sigh. I nearly puke.

So, we went off to Safra to wait for the others. And i started off by checking his new Pixon phone. Sigh. I just love the camera, thats all.

The boys came minutes later with a guitar, chips and drinks as usual. It was windy as usual and i had a headache all of a sudden. The boys kept thinking it was me who farted when it actually wasnt! :( So, just to waste time, i waited till near 6pm and off home.

My sister's bugging me to make the lasagna now -.- annoying.
Oh and Kak Nur just gave birth to a healthy baby boy!

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