Sunday, August 16, 2009


No i think my reasons are always the ones that makes sense and not the ones that will hurt a persons feeling. I think even if it does, its just the fact. And as for you, have i ever lied about something? Have i? Why would i give you reasons when i dont freaking hell care about how you feel anymore. I dont cause, you dont. So dont ask me why im suddenly changing to someone you dont know cause you're the one who's changing me. Where were you when i was being so nice and patient? You were right there stepping on my head. And i was still stupid enough to go on and still be patient. Im still being nice but just abit different as for you. How can we be enemies when i actually invite you to the chalet? You said you dont bother and you even said that there's no point being angry but why dyou sound angry and why are you making such a big fuss about it? I really dont get you and i dont think i ever will. Why are you finding reasons just to create such a big fuss about something over and over again? Its either you hate me or stay being friends with me but no, no more sayang sayang or what nots. Boy, get a life. I think you need to find something better to do.

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