Friday, April 30, 2010

Ending April

April's coming to an end. I didnt get my photoshoot today cause Ipin needs the camera. So all i did was just shopping at expo with the boy. We were called husband and wife by this auntie at the elf products section. Yes, i was talking to him then when we both heard about it. And the boy even got asked about making a credit card! Haha. Tua lah sangat.

And well, the total cost of all the things we bought were more than i expected. We were counting how much everything costs while walking to the counter and each time we stopped, my heart like want to fall out. Hah. Terrible feeling. Duit burn oi!

We walked back to his place listening to the song i got him addicted. Repeating over and over again. He washed up, got ready and we went out together and then off separate ways.

Thank you for today bby. You know i love you.

// May, please come and slowly change me to how patient and strong like i was before. Tell me that the horror of thinking too much and crying most of the time will end. Make my bby stop thinking to much and let him have all the good things that he want. I just want us happy.

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