Wednesday, June 02, 2010

His place

I went over to his place this evening and as usual i got wrestled, smacked, bullied and tickled till i could cry and not breathe. Sigh. B, your fangs mintak kene ketuk okay.

His mum got home and we argued on who's gonna cook the rice -.- Yah, we did. But in the end he did all the work. Heh heh, and his mum complained stuffs to me till all i can do is just smile and laugh.

Oh, and i fell when he was sending me to the bus stop. Yes, i fell cause this boy wanted a piggy back but i wasnt ready and i fell on my butt first and i then sat like a baby with my legs straight -.- and he went laughing at me and my phone tercampak okay. Thank god there's cover lah! Ish.

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